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365 days later...

When in doubt, say yes. To people, to experiences, to new ideas, to anything that excites or intrigues you. Why? Because I’ve never heard of someone’s life changing by saying no. And a yes, like a yes to a date, could mean you end up meeting a person that changes everything.

A year ago today, I walked into a wine bar to meet Nick for our first date. Neither fate or destiny brought us together, yes did. Yes to that first glass of wine (which ended up being about 6, but that’s a different story), yes to a second date, yes to an extremely awkward invite to my friendsgiving party, yes to a Christmas celebration that swirled this hopeless romantics heart, yes to letting the other in, yes to officially becoming copilots, yes to that Land Cruiser and a legal document with both our names on it (ahhh), yes to the Long Cruise and the adventure we were seeking, yes to sandy feet weeks, yes to surfing, yes to sunsets, yes to those once in a lifetime dinner reservations. We are here because of yes.

Nick, thank you for saying yes. Thank you for choosing me the last 365 days. Thank you for being a copilot across all dimensions of our life together. Thank you for never putting me in a box and where that took us. Thank you for dreaming big and making the cruise a reality. Thank you for making me laugh often (and mostly at your own expense). Thank you for being the worlds best big spoon. Thank you for being ridiculously good looking (and tall, whew ;)). Thank you for your brain, your drive, your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you for not taking yourself too seriously. Thank you for pushing me when I need it. Thank you for loving the water and your passion for good food. Thank you for letting your guard down and letting me in. Thank you for being you. This or better. So far, this is the best.

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